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Tony Khan Claims Anti-AEW Community Is An “Army Of Bots”

Tony Khan

AEW fans are divided at the best of times, but now Tony Khan has joined in on the social media discussion, claiming bots are targeting AEW.

On the evening of Friday, 8 April, Tony Khan took to Twitter as he went off on the anti-AEW community. The All Elite Wrestling Chief Executive Officer posted a series of tweets slamming those who slander the company, claiming them to be an “army of bots”. Khan claims that this was revealed following an independent study.

Tony would continue as the evening progressed, posing the question of why so many of these accounts’ social media activity is strictly retweets and replies. As he plugged the evening’s episode of Rampage, featuring Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler YUTA, he noted that their “boiler room staff” would be working overtime.

Following their coverage of the situation, Wrestling Inc. revealed that Tony Khan had reached out to them to clarify his comments, using an unusual analogy involving AEW’s Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh (h/t Wrestling Inc.):

“Waiting for final study but here’s what my expert confirmed. It’s people with real-life accounts making posts and then using their bots to manipulate the social channel algorithm by backing them up with engagement from a made-up Twitter identity. Social media teams will often fight on this. Bots are great for numbers and when they’re gone, you’ll see a dip in digital conversation impressions – both those were either negative sentiment or not real anyway.

For example, I tweet Megha only eats rotten bananas. I throw say 18 bots behind it (which takes about 5 minutes to do), Twitter security can’t differentiate when done well (neither can most social teams). The problem becomes, every time people type Megha into the search bar, because of a real account supported by bots – the first suggested result would be tweets about Megha eating rotten bananas. I’m oversimplifying, but that’s the 5 cent version of what’s happening.”

This isn’t the first time Tony Khan has caused a stir on social media, as on New Year’s Day, Khan quote-tweeted a Fightful report where Big Swole claimed there was a “lack of diversity” in AEW. Khan fired back at Swole for her comments, all while listing off a plethora of black AEW roster members to hammer home his point. In that instance, Lio Rush didn’t take too kindly to Khan’s words, and left the promotion a few weeks after.

None of Tony Khan’s comments have thus far been deleted.