Tony Khan Almost Made Major Character Change To Top AEW Star

Tony Khan poses with Kenny Omega

MJF returned to AEW at All Out claiming that he had agreed on a new deal with Tony Khan.

Following his comeback, the star began to be cheered, and these positive reactions only increased on the way to Full Gear. During this period fans also picked up on MJF leaning into the cheers while he also tried to remain a heel.

By the time the Salt of the Earth made it to Full Gear, he was cheered during his match with Jon Moxley for the World Championship. However, since claiming the gold, MJF has reverted to being a fully-fledged heel, seemingly leaving his babyface dalliance behind.

Interestingly, AEW President Tony Khan has now admitted that he did consider making MJF a babyface during this period. Speaking to the LA Times, Khan said that while it was a brief consideration, he feels that AEW is at its best when MJF is the company’s top heel.

“I listen to the fans. When the reactions were so massive, I had to at least think about [making MJF a good guy], but MJF is the world’s best young pro wrestler and one of the best pro wrestling heels of any age I’ve ever seen and I think his ability to antagonize the other wrestlers and the crowd is unparalleled. AEW is at its strongest when MJF is at his worst as a villain.”

Tony Khan Confirms New ROH Tag Team Titles Are On The Way

At ROH Supercard of Honor, a ‘Reach for the Sky’ Ladder Match is scheduled to take place to crown new Tag Team Champions. The announcement came after Mark Briscoe vacated the titles following the sad death of his brother Jay back in January.

The match will see The Lucha Brothers take on Top Flight, The Kingdom, Aussie Open, and La Facción Ingobernable.

Tony Khan has since announced that new ROH World Tag Team Titles will be unveiled.