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Tony Khan Discusses Creating AEW Women’s Tag Title

Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan has discussed the possibility of creating an AEW Women’s Tag Team Championship and says he’d love more champions in the company.

AEW currently boasts five official championships with Ricky Starks also holding the FTW Title and several Ring of Honor championships also being defended on AEW TV in recent weeks.

But Tony Khan says he’s interested in creating more titles and championships in the company and AEW Women’s Tag Team gold could be on the cards. Speaking on a media call ahead of Double Or Nothing, Khan answered a question from AJ Awesome about potentially creating the new title:

“Yeah, I have (thought about them). We have a lot of great wrestlers in AEW and a lot of great women’s and men’s wrestlers in AEW. I have thought about doing those and as we continue to expand the roster and hopefully get more teams and get some people who have been injured and on the shelf, back, that would be something I would love to do in the future.”

“The trios belts would be something that I think the fans would enjoy and fans have called for, but I would love to add more titles and more champions as we go if they make sense and those are both cool ideas and stuff we’ve talked about.”

AEW previously held a Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament in the summer of 2020. That tournament was won by the team of Diamante and Ivelisse, who defeated the unlikely team of Brandi Rhodes and The Bunny in the final.

Meanwhile, the state of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship is still up in the air after Sasha Banks and Naomi were stripped of the belts and suspended indefinitely by the company after walking out on Raw.

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