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Tony Khan Claims AEW Gets Similar PPV Buys To 2013 WWE

Tony Khan

According to Tony Khan, the pay-per-view business in AEW is doing very well and is comparable to pre-Network WWE.

During a recent appearance on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio, AEW President Tony Khan spoke about the importance of pay-per-view buys. While the advent of the WWE Network in 2014 changed the game for pay-per-views in both WWE and across the wrestling world, Tony Khan says that AEW is currently on par with the pre-Network PPV buys that WWE was doing in 2013.

“I don’t know if people know how significant the buys we’ve done for these shows are. But you look back for example at the competition, and before they stopped doing pay-per-views in 2013, at a time when it was arguably easier to get people to order a pay-per-view, or sit down and devote that time. But if it is an apples-apples comparison, nine years ago, at similar price points, we’re doing very similar sales.

“For example, just looking at before the [WWE] Network came in, and of competition doing pay-per-view, you know, just look back at the pay-per-view numbers in 2013, they are very similar to the numbers we’ve done for our last few pay-per-views. And before that, really, outside of WWE, nobody has done the pay-per-view numbers that we’re doing since the 90s. It’s a pretty great time for pro wrestling.”

At AEW Revolution, which was the company’s most recent pay-per-view, featured the debuts of both Shane “Swerve” Strickland and William Regal. The next Wednesday on Dynamite featured another major debut when Jeff Hardy became All Elite and re-formed his long time tag team with his brother Matt. Tony Khan says that Jeff is already fitting into the locker room well, and that the reactions the Hardys receive are incredible.

“Right now, the reactions that Matt and Jeff Hardy are getting are some of the loudest reactions I’ve heard in the business,. It’s three years for AEW, but I’ve been a fan for a long time and it’s very rare to hear anything like the huge buzz for Matt and Jeff. You know, just like wrestling things, You know, what’s old is new.

“Sometimes the simplest things are the best things. Just like building to that hot tag last week in the Hardy’s match, and the crowd being so hungry to see Jeff in the ring. It’s so great to hear, and it feels like Jeff has been here forever and he’s fitted into the locker room so well, and he’s fitted into AEW so well.”

Tony Khan recently announced that he has purchased Ring of Honor and will serve as the booker for the promotion as a separate entity from AEW.

h/t WrestlingInc