Tony Khan Claims AEW Will Gross Over $100 Million In 2022

AEW President Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan has claimed that All Elite Wrestling are on course to gross over $100 million in 2022.

With AEW All Out on the horizon, Tony Khan has been toasting the financial success of his still relatively young wrestling promotion.

After confirming that the show will be AEW’s third million dollar pay-per-view gate in succession, Khan explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that 2022 as a whole has been a financial success.

“This is the first time there have been two wrestling companies that have the ability to be the number one show that night on cable and two wrestling companies that are grossing the kind of money…I’m not grossing a billion dollars, but I’m going to gross over $100 million this year. That’s pretty unprecedented and it’s been over 20 years since anybody is doing that. To me, success is sustaining it,”

Khan also took the opportunity to respond to critics who have claimed that his workload behind the scenes in AEW is unsustainable. The AEW boss said that he’s seen that the best way to run a wrestling company is to have complete and total control.

“I have seen that the most successful way to run a wrestling promotion is to manage everything from the top down and not let people screw you. If you turn your back in this business, people will screw you at every turn, I’ve learned — not just the people that work for you, but anyone from the outside if you show weakness,”

During the conversation Tony Khan also discussed his purchase of Ring of Honor. Khan said that he had paid less than what Jim Crockett paid Bill Watts for Mid-South Wrestling in 1987. Dave Meltzer noted that this figure was $4.2 million.

H/t to f4wOnline for the transcription.