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Tony Khan Confirms AEW Fight Forever Will Feature DLC Roster Additions

AEW Fight Forever Darby Allin

Tony Khan has provided an update on AEW’s upcoming video game Fight Forever, confirming that the game will feature DLC characters to be added at a later date.

At present, All Elite Wrestling’s upcoming video game Fight Forever only features a handful of officially confirmed roster members, including inaugural Chris Jericho, Hikaru Shida, and the legendary Owen Hart.

Tony Khan has, however, stated that the base roster for the game won’t be the final roster, as DLC options will be available in the future for Fight Forever. Although Khan didn’t name any official DLC options, he did acknowledge AEW’s mass signings as the reason for requiring DLC characters.

While speaking to Andreas Hale on The Corner podcast, Tony Khan discussed these DLC options while providing an update on the overall game (h/t Fightful):

“I’m not going to put an exact date on it, but we’ve put a lot of time and effort into the development of this game. It’s going to be great, a lot of the great stars of AEW are in it and a number of people who have come in, even in the past year, will be featured. A lot of the big stars have come in, in the past year. We’ve added stars along the way that are important to get into the game for everybody.

We’ll have a great roster when we launch and we’ll be able to add people through DLC as we go, but making sure we get the best possible roster when we start. We’ve signed so many wrestlers of the past year, especially in recent months, we may not be able to get every person in, but people who have signed recently, we’re trying to get some of the biggest names in because we think that’s the best chance for the launch of the game, to have some of the biggest stars in the world in the game. We already had a lot of them and we’re adding more.”

The confirmation of Owen Hart for Fight Forever has been the biggest surprise for the game thus far. This will mark Owen’s first video game appearance since Showdown: Legends of Wrestling hit shelves in June 2004. ‘The King of Harts’ hasn’t featured in a WWE-released video game since July 1999, though.

WWE’s video game series has proven that DLC packs are an absolute must. WWE 2K22, for example, has seen newer WWE Superstars, such as Omos, Commander Azeez, and Sarray being added to the game through downloadable content.

Who, exactly, makes it on to the final base roster and who has to wait for their inclusion via DLC pack remains to be seen for Fight Forever.