Tony Khan Addresses AEW’s “Banned Moves” List

AEW President Tony Khan

Tony Khan claims recent developments won’t change AEW programming.

It was recently reported that AEW will be banning some moves and putting in greater safety measures for some of the more dangerous spots seen in All Elite Wrestling. In accordance with the new guidelines, spots such as Bryan Danielson simulating a seizure at Revolution would be banned and a number of others now need clearance before making their way into matches.

This list includes the use of thumbtacks, chairs, and other weapons which have been a feature of some of AEW‘s most famous matches. You can find the list below.

  • Spots and bumps on the ring apron and outside
  • Table/ladder/chair spots in and out of the ring (Only allowed with padding)
  • Any elevated spots outside of the barricades (dives and ladder spots on stage, around the arena, and other places outside of the ring)
  • All piledriver/tombstone variations, including: sit down drivers, inverted/poison hurricarana and vertebreakers
  • High-risk dives or top rope moves (450, 630, double moonsaults, SSP, etc.) Intentional bleeding (of any sort, not just blading)
  • Throwing people into/through/over ring steps, commentary table, bell table, or guardrails/barricades Weapon usage:
  • Chairs, pipes, kendo sticks, hammers, ring bells, bats, chains, etc. Title belts
  • Thumbtacks, skewers, barbed wire, and other sharp/puncturing objects o Powders, aerosol sprays, or liquids
  • Throwing any weapons or objects- chairs, etc.
  • Choking/strangling with hands or a weapon or hanging spots
  • Injury spots or angles, whether or not medical is involved/called to the ring
  • Any physicality in the crowd or crowd brawling
  • Any physicality involving referees, managers, extras, celebrities, or special guests”

Tony Khan – “It’s Nothing That’s Going To Change The Show”

During an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, Tony Khan was asked whether the guidelines were being introduced to make AEW safer.

“Yes, I want to have a great pro wrestling company, a hard-hitting pro wrestling company. Those aren’t really crazy changes. It’s nothing that’s going to change the show. It’s really more guidelines for the referees than anything else, and it’s good stuff for the wrestlers to know,”

AEW will be writing a new violent chapter into its history on June 19th when The Elite takes on the Blackpool Combat Club at Blood and Guts.

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