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Tony Khan – “I Don’t Have 27 Hollywood Writers Writing Sketch Comedy For AEW”

Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan has claimed that wrestling fans gravitate to his company’s product because AEW doesn’t have a load of writers writing “sketch comedy.”

When AEW launched on New Year’s Day 2019, the wrestling world changed forever. Fans disillusioned with one company were promised an alternative in the wrestling sphere where the in-ring action would take prominence.

While opinion is split on whether AEW has accomplished that, Tony Khan is certain that fans of in-ring wrestling have flocked to AEW having grown tired of what other companies are offering.

Speaking to 1010XL in Jacksonville, Khan commented on what he sees is different about his company and says they don’t want Hollywood writers and they don’t want rematch after rematch:

“I don’t have 27 Hollywood writers sitting around, writing sketch comedy for the show. We do great wrestling matches. The wrestling that a lot of people in Jacksonville and the southeast grew up on. That’s the wrestling I grew up on and I love it.”

“For me, it starts at the top and because I am a big wrestling fan, I try to put on matches that the fans want to see. I try not to screw over the fans. I don’t advertise matches that aren’t going to happen, we don’t false advertise stuff. We try to give matches that the fans want to see. We try not to do the same matches every week, rematch, rematch, rematch, I know some of you are familiar with that where wrestling companies go around with the same guys and girls wrestling every night. It’s not like that here.”

“We have fresh matches and fresh stories. We try to make it about the wrestling and not the sideshow. I think that’s what a lot of fans have gravitated towards. I grew up a big wrestling fan and it’s giving me a sense of how to present it to the fans where you know every week you get great matches, kick-ass stuff, good surprises, and it’s one of the reasons fans have gravitated towards AEW.”

On the 5th of January edition of AEW Dynamite, the company will see only its second rematch for the AEW World Title with champion and challenger in their same roles. Hangman Adam Page will once again defend the title against Bryan Danielson after the two men wrestled to a one-hour draw at AEW Winter Is Coming.

h/t Fightful