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Toni Storm Reveals Why She Made The Shocking Desicion To Quit The WWE

Toni Storm AEW entrance

Toni Storm’s shock departure from WWE was reported just after Christmas 2021, with the now-AEW star revealing the decision that made her quit WWE.

It was reported on 29 December that Toni Storm had quit WWE following a live event the day before in Washington, D.C. The former NXT UK Women’s Champion worked a Triple Threat for the SmackDown Women’s Championship alongside Sasha Banks and the defending champion Charlotte Flair.

Storm has previously stated that “burnout” was the reason for her exit from WWE, but she’s now gone into more detail during an appearance on Busted Open Radio. Although she admitted that working for WWE had always been a dream for her, Toni Storm ultimately admitted that the role wasn’t for her (h/t F4WOnline):

“When I left WWE, I wasn’t banking on going anywhere else. I kind of left suddenly and wasn’t prepared for life outside of that at all. So, I’m just so thankful that Tony Khan reached out and has given me a job, a second chance, an opportunity to really do what I love, which is pro-wrestling. I’m excited.”

Continuing, Toni Storm insisted that she doesn’t have any issues with WWE, but the neverending work schedule and not being able to see her family and friends was a major contributor to her eventual departure:

“I’m not saying that I have a problem with WWE at all, I’m actually really grateful for the time that I got to have there. I learned so much and you know what? It was so cool, it was real and it was cool but in the end, it wasn’t real cool. Something just happened and I left.

I felt like I was having an out of body experience, to be honest. Have you ever just lost your mind? That’s kind of what happened. The stress of not seeing family in years and then just so many overwhelming things all at once. I’ve been happier ever since.”

Toni Storm signed with WWE in the summer of 2018, having previously competed in the inaugural Mae Young Classic the year prior. She was initially part of the NXT UK brand before joining the NXT roster in October 2020. The New Zealander challenged for the NXT Women’s Championship on numerous occasions, all in unsuccessful fashion.

Following her exit from WWE, Storm would sign with All Elite Wrestling, as she debuted on the 30 March episode of Dynamite. Defeating The Bunny in a qualifier for the women’s Owen Hart Cup, she’s now scheduled to face Jamie Hayter in the impending quarterfinals.