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Toni Storm “Like A Pig In Sh*t” In AEW

Toni Storm

AEW star Toni Storm has discussed her fledgling career in AEW and says she feels like she fits in the company as opposed to how she felt in WWE.

It was reported on 29 December that Toni Storm had quit WWE following a live event the day before in Washington, D.C. The former NXT UK Women’s Champion worked a Triple Threat for the SmackDown Women’s Championship alongside Sasha Banks and the defending champion Charlotte Flair before flying herself home bringing her WWE career to a premature end.

Speaking on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Toni Storm spoke at length about her frustrations and unhappiness that led to her leaving WWE. In contrast, Storm says, to how she now feels since joining AEW. As far as her debut in the company goes, it was a last-second thing:

“I didn’t really have much notice going into that, it was kind of a last-minute thing. I had no idea what the future had for me, I didn’t know if I was gonna get a job, I had no idea what was next and then I get a call last second after my ninety days was up. I didn’t even hesitate, I just went ‘ok I’ll do it, see you soon.”

As far as how Toni Storm feels in AEW, she says she’s delighted to be there and she’s where she’s supposed to be:

“I’ve loved it so far, I’m like a pig in sh*t in AEW. I don’t know, there’s something about the place, I feel like I fit. I just feel like I’m gonna do better there. Maybe it wasn’t WWE, maybe it was just me.”

“I feel really good now, I’m doing my thing, I’m getting out of that funk. I really feel [I’m where I’m supposed to be].”

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