Toni Storm Discusses Misconceptions Around Exclusive Content Account

Toni Storm AEW entrance

Toni Storm has opened up about the content of her exclusive content account, revealing her thought process behind launching the page.

Back in March, current AEW star Toni Storm followed the lead of figures such as Chelsea Green and Scarlett Bordeaux and launched an exclusive content account.

Storm’s new page launched on March 19th, with a subscription setting fans back $19.99 per month. Incredibly, the star racked up earnings in the region of $20,000 in just a handful of hours, this figure has continued to rise in recent weeks.

While many fans have applauded Storm’s decision, there remains a stigma surrounding exclusive content due to the large number of adult performers who use the site. This is despite there being a significant number of users who don’t post pornographic material.

During an appearance on the Carton & Roberts show, Storm said that she didn’t have a conversation with her family or fiancé Juice Robinson, about starting an account, as everyone supports her.

“I didn’t have to have a conversation with anyone, to be honest. I just kind of do my thing, my family and friends and everyone I know is in full support. I didn’t really see the need to ask permission,”

One of the hosts made reference to Storm doing porn, which she quickly shot down. The former WWE star explained that her “sexy photos” and pornography are two very different things, although she has no issue with creators who do produce that type of content.

“It’s not exactly porn, what I’m doing, I think you have the wrong idea. I don’t do porn. I take sexy photos and post them at a price. Not so much crazy, hardcore scenes or anything of that nature. I like to take a lot of photos and share them with my fans. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a porn star, but I don’t do porn.”

Toni Storm made her AEW debut on the March 30th episode of Dynamite where she defeated The Bunny in a qualifying match for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. On the most recent edition of the show it was announced that Storm will take on Jamie Hayter in the first round.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.