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Toni Storm Discusses Creative Frustrations Following SmackDown Debut

Toni Storm posing

Toni Storm has caused a stir with her shocking sudden departure from WWE and the star has discussed the unpredictable nature of life in WWE.

In July 2021 Storm graduated to the main roster of WWE after a stint on both NXT UK and NXT when she debuted on SmackDown. Storm was most recently seen competing in a losing effort against Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Title on the Christmas Eve episode of SmackDown.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful first reported that Toni Storm was “gone” from the company and has followed up with a possible reason that she has departed and says it came at Storm’s request.

Later reports state that Toni Storm flew herself home out of pocket following a live event where she faced both Flair and Sasha Banks and that there were many in the company “blindsided” by her decision to leave.

Recently Storm appeared on the Out Of Character podcast where she offered an insight into the nature of WWE and how being left languishing in catering is “not a good feeling:”

“It’s the worst cause you just don’t know. Obviously, wrestling [can be] so unpredictable. Next week you could be main eventing and winning a title and everything could be happening or nothing. You don’t know. This is show business at the end of the day. It’s a topsy turvy industry.”

“When you’re sat in catering, it’s not a good feeling. Just sitting there waiting for your shot. Waiting for your big break. Waiting to show everyone what you’ve worked your life to be good at. I just sat there [asking] ‘When am I next? What’s happening?’ Now [when] stuff starts happening, I’m still like, ‘what’s going on?’ Oh, my God. What is my life?”

h/t SEScoops