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Tommy Dreamer Was “Ready” For A Riot At In Your House 10 [Exclusive]

Tommy Dreamer alongside The Sandman at In Your House 10: Mind Games

Tommy Dreamer has revealed how he and The Sandman were prepared for a riot during their In Your House 10 appearance whilst discussing WWF’s partnership with ECW!

On September 22nd 1996, WWF would host their tenth In Your House event Mind Games from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A fairly standard pay-per-view which saw both the WWF Championship and Tag Team Championships defended, one of the more notable moments came during the opening Caribbean Strap match between Savio Vega and Justin Bradshaw.

Whilst the match itself was fairly unremarkable, it was the goings-on at ringside that caught people’s attention when ECW wrestlers Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman could be seen in the front row alongside promoter Paul Heyman. The trio were eventually escorted from the arena after Sandman spat beer all over Vega, kick-starting a cross-promotional relationship between the two companies that’d last well into 1997.

Speaking to Innes McVey of Inside The Ropes during the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass, Dreamer was asked if there were similarities between IMPACT and AEW’s current partnership versus ECW and WWF’s. ‘The Innovator of Violence’ would first open up about how little he and the rest of the roster knew about the true extent of Paul Heyman’s relationship with the Stamford-based conglomerate.

“Back in the day with ECW, we were told by Paul Heyman: ‘This is the agreement. They’re trying to do stuff to go after WCW to try and get those ratings back and we’re trying to promote our first ever PPV here.’ That was the gist of the relationship, none of us knew Paul Heyman was getting a paycheck from WWE. None of us knew any of that.”

According to Dreamer, ECW had several wrestlers hidden throughout the crowd as ‘snipers’ as they were concerned about legitimate fights or even a full-on riot breaking out – with both himself and Sandman prepared to battle it out if need be!

“When me and Sandman first showed up at In Your House, we legit had snipers – professional wrestlers [like] the Eliminators, Tazz, the Pitbulls – in the audience because if a real fight was gonna go down you would have seen a riot because we were ready.”

‘The ECW Original’ went on to recall how Jerry Brisco looked ready to trade blows with the ECW duo and revealed how Savio Vega was clued in about their appearance whilst Bradshaw hadn’t been!

“I said it on another thing, when Jerry Brisco came down and Jerry Brisco’s trying to stop us he was ready to fight. He was like ‘Come on you motherf’ers’ and I’m looking at his eyes and I’m like ‘This is, this is on’. Bradshaw didn’t know it was gonna happen, the only person who knew was Savio. So there’s these secrets in wrestling that only a few are privy too.”

IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass: Tommy Dreamer

Before he challenges Rich Swann for the IMPACT World Title at No Surrender, Tommy Dreamer is the special guest on Press Pass!

Posted by IMPACT Wrestling on Thursday, February 4, 2021

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