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Tommy Dreamer Removed From Busted Open Radio

Tommy Dreamer

As announced by Dave LaGreca, Tommy Dreamer has been removed from Busted Open Radio.

The move comes after Dreamer’s controversial appearance on the latest episode of Dark Side of the Ring. The episode which focused on the Plane Ride From Hell, saw allegations of sexual harassment being made against Ric Flair.

Dreamers comments in relation to these allegations drew criticism across the board, with the former ECW star being suspended by IMPACT Wrestling.

Speaking at the top of the latest episode Busted Open Radio, Dave LaGreca addressed Dreamers comments by saying he can’t and won’t defend what was said. The radio show host went on to describe the comments as “f**ked up.”

“I felt that I needed to start off today’s show to talk about a few different things. I’m still quite frankly shocked by what Tommy said. I think that was definitely out of character of the Tommy that I know and has been hosting the show for a few years now. I can’t and will not defend the comments because they’re indefensible,”

“And quite frankly, the things that Tommy said, Tommy f**ked up. Tommy f**ked up on Thursday, and what he said was insensitive and won’t be tolerated.”

LaGreca continued, saying there was “no place” for the sentiments expressed by Dreamer, reiterating that they’re indefensible.

“A lot of people say about ‘In 2021, you can say this, you can’t say that…” It doesn’t matter if it’s 2021, 1998 or 1985—it doesn’t matter. As a father, as a husband, knowing that my daughter just turned 18 and she’s about to go out into the world, going to start college soon and now is working, these are things that I think about for my own family. People have had to worry about this for years, and there’s just no f**kin’ place for it, there really isn’t. There’s no place for this type of thought process, these types of comments and these types of actions. And as I said, they’re indefensible,”

In closing, the host said that he was unsure how long Dreamer would be off the show, but that he needed some time to reflect in his actions.

“A lot of people have been looking to us now about what we’re going to do about Tommy and Tommy’s future, and as far as Tommy’s future on Busted Open, for the time being, he’s off the show. How long, I don’t know. I don’t know how long Tommy’s going to be off the show. I think he needs some time, I think he needs some time to reflect and understand how his comments hurt, his attitude hurt,” he explained, “and I don’t know if you can put a timetable on that. So if you’re looking for that, I don’t have an answer, but for the time being, Tommy’s going to be off of Busted Open.”

Following the outcry after the episode of Dark Side of the Ring episode aired, Dreamer issued a statement on social media. The former WWE Superstar said it was “never his intention to offend” adding that his comments were “insensitive.”

Tommy Dreamer rose to prominence during the 1990’s as part of ECW. During his long tenure with the company, Dreamer feuded with the likes of the Sandman and Raven.

Following the collapse of ECW in 2001, Dreamer signed with WWE, initially appearing as part of The Alliance during the Invasion storyline. He later went on to perform on the rebooted ECW, before leaving the company in 2010.

Dreamer has since appeared for IMPACT, Ring of Honor and AEW.

H/t to Wrestle Zone for the transcription.