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Tommy Dreamer Pays Touching Tribute To Road Warrior Animal

Tommy Dreamer

At IMPACT Bound For Glory, Tommy Dreamer paid tribute to the late, legendary Road Warrior Animal in a very touching fashion.

During the Call Your Shot Battle Royal, ECW legend Dreamer would make his entrance with his trademark trashcan full of weapons – but at a quick glance, you’d have been forgiven for thinking for just a moment that we were seeing footage of the legendary tag team wrestler Road Warrior Animal instead.

Tommy Dreamer would make his entrance wearing the new Animal tribute t-shirt, which is available via Collar and Elbow, with a perfect facsimile of Animal’s face paint and even his hair had been cut to replicate the WWE Hall of Famer’s trademark style.

Dreamer would tweet:

“I wasn’t able to pay my final respects to RWAnimal

“My tribute to my friend”

Road Warrior Animal, real name Joe Laurinaitis, sadly passed away last month, at the age of 60 – one day after his wedding anniversary.

While there were no fans inside the building, we’re sure the tribute may have evoked something close to a ‘Road Warrior pop’ if there were – with wrestlers such as Shane Helms taking to twitter to praise the tribute.

You can buy the Road Warrior Animal tribute shirt here. Collar and Elbow worked directly with Animal’s wife Kim to design the shirt, with 100% of the proceeds going to Road Warrior Animal’s family.

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