Tommy Dreamer Didn’t Know About Tony Khan’s IMPACT Appearance [Exclusive]

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Tommy Dreamer has revealed that, despite working as an agent for the company, he didn’t know Tony Khan would be appearing on IMPACT until he walked through the door!

Tony Khan has been made numerous cameo appearances on IMPACT’s weekly programming over the last few months through paid advertisements for AEW. Typically in these commercials, he and Tony Schiavone promote that week’s Dynamite whilst besmirching IMPACT, however, the structure of these adverts took a somewhat unexpected turn two weeks ago…

Jerry Lynn would join the AEW President for the first time to deliver the usual Dynamite promotion before revealing that the two were actually backstage in the IMPACT Zone. Later, during the show’s main event, fans were shocked when Khan sat down at ringside alongside Lynn to watch Private Party become number one contenders to the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships over the makeshift duo of Alex Shelley and the returning James Storm.

Speaking to Innes McVey of Inside The Ropes during the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass, Dreamer was asked for his perspective on the budding relationship between AEW and IMPACT as a major player during WWE and ECW’s partnership in 1996 and 1997.

‘The Innovator of Violence’ would first discuss how little he knows about the inner workings at IMPACT, such as the partnership, despite being in a prominent backstage position with the company!

“A lot of the behind the scenes… and I’ve explained this [on] a show called Busted Open here in the States. D’Lo’s an agent, I’m an agent, we’re part of production and wear many hats. There are times where literally it’ll say the main event and there’s nothing there. Like, when Tony Khan showed up a couple of weeks ago.”

Tommy Dreamer would go on to detail the night Tony Khan showed up and how Jerry Lynn arrived first for under the guise of just ‘saying hello’.

“First Jerry Lynn walked in, and I know Jerry lives in Tennessee, and I was like ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’ and he’s like ‘I came by to say hello’ and then all of a sudden Tony Khan came in like two hours later. Then I see them on television and I’m like ‘I have no clue what’s going on’. If it’s not my segment, I really don’t care about it and I just wanna watch it on television.”

IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass: Tommy Dreamer

Before he challenges Rich Swann for the IMPACT World Title at No Surrender, Tommy Dreamer is the special guest on Press Pass!

Posted by IMPACT Wrestling on Thursday, February 4, 2021

The ECW Original would elaborate on his thoughts on the partnership: discussing how AEW Beach Break featuring performers from three major promotions and why these crossovers will not only benefit fans but the wrestling industry as a whole!

“Last night on AEW, you had wrestlers from AEW, IMPACT Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling on the same show – how awesome is that. The possibilities are endless for booking, for match-ups anywhere you want to go and that’s great for who? Wrestling fans and the business.”

Elsewhere on the media call, Tommy Dreamer revealed how he and The Sandman were prepared for a real riot at In Your House 10: Mind Games whilst D’Lo Brown discussed his nerves and seeking advice before his IMPACT commentary debut at Hard To Kill! You can watch the Press Pass call in its entirety above.

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