Tommy Dreamer Details Bound For Glory Re-Shoot

Rich Swann Thumb

Wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer has revealed that IMPACT Wrestling were forced to film two different celebrations for Rich Swann’s IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship victory.

At IMPACT Wrestling: Bound For Glory on October 24, Swann defeated Eric Young to lift the biggest prize in the company. However, his post-match celebration wasn’t so simple thanks to management requesting the angle be re-shot for promotional purposes.

During the celebration, all three members of The Rascalz could be seen front and centre lifting the new champion onto their shoulders.

At the time, it was well known within the company that the trio of Desmond Xavier, Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz were set to leave the promotion, so in order that the company may replay the moment after their exit and without them in the video, the angle was shot twice.

On his House of Hardcore Podcast, Tommy Dreamer and guest Zachary Wentz detailed the re-shoot and the decision that lead to two celebrations:

“We had to shoot two finishes for the Ace Austin thing after Tessa had left and we also had a moment where when Rich Swann won the title. He wins the title and The Rascalz were the first people there because of how much you guys have a relationship with Rich and we are also generally happy when someone is celebrated as the champion. Rich overcame so much. We wins the title, we go off the pay-per-view, but we still…because you never know when we’re going to show the clips, you guys held him up in the air because we’re proud. I literally see this and I’m like, ‘alright, we have to get another shot. You guys have to put him down, because you’re leaving, and Eddie [Edwards] and Willie [Mack], pick him up. You guys might not be here, so then we can’t use that shot.'”

The Rascalz wrestled their final bout in IMPACT Wrestling on November 17 and are widely believed to be headed to WWE in the very near future.

Credit for the interview: House of Hardcore Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Fightful