Tommaso Ciampa Successfully Undergoes Hip Surgery

Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa hasn’t been in action since a WWE live event held on September 17th where he lost to then-United States Champion Bobby Lashley. While there were rumors that the star could be joining The Judgment Day back in April, he’s instead found himself in an alliance with The Miz in recent months, attempting to aid his friend in feuds with both Logan Paul and Dexter Lumis.

On the October 25th episode of WWE Raw, The Miz cut a promo blaming Dexter Lumis for running Tommaso Ciampa off the program, saying he hadn’t heard from his protégé in weeks. However, Johnny Gargano said that he’d texted Ciampa the day before, and that he wasn’t hiding from Lumis; instead, he was at home injured. Gargano did not disclose the nature of his friend’s injury. He did, however, promise to reveal The Miz’s secret next week if Miz won’t tell the WWE Universe why he’s being targeted by Lumis.

Tommaso Ciampa Revealed That He Underwent Successful Hip Surgery In Birmingham, AL

While Gargano’s promo on WWE Raw left fans with questions about Tommaso Ciampa’s injury status, the former NXT Champion recently took to social media to reveal that he’d been dealing with a hip injury that required surgery. He posted photos that showed him with the doctor performing the operation as well as photos with his wife and young daughter, who he said insisted on dressing like a pirate for the occasion.

The road to recovery begins. It’s a familiar road. Almost too familiar.

Special thanks to Dr Emblom and his team for taking such incredible care of me. Thanks to the WWE medical team for once again putting me back together. And thanks to my “nurses” at home for always giving me perspective.

It took awhile but we finally found the cause to all of that glute/SI/back pain. A hip labrum that “looked like shredded cheese” according to my wife, who watched the surgery.

“But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” – Rocky Balboa

And yes, Willow insisted on dressing like a pirate for our trip to Birmingham.

Neither WWE nor Tommaso Ciampa have provided a timeframe for his eventual return to the ring.