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Tommaso Ciampa References Infamous Scott Steiner Promo On NXT [Video]

Tommaso Ciampa cuts a promo

On the the November 16th episode of NXT 2.0 Tommaso Ciampa referenced a now infamous Scott Steiner promo much to the delight of fans everywhere.

Ahead of challenging for the TNA World Championship at TNA Sacrifice in 2008, Scott Steiner cut one of the most infamous promos in history. The ‘Genetic Freak’ ran down his chances of winning the championship in the Three Way Match with help of a little mathematics.

By using a series of numbers and calculations that only made sense to himself, Steiner explained that his rivals had 33 1/3% chance of victory while he had 141 2/3% chance of victory.

While the soundness of Steiner’s maths skills are hotly debated to this day, the promo created it’s own bizarre place in history.

On the most recent episode of NXT 2.0, NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa made his own reference to the promo, much to the excitement of fans watching live and at home. On the show, Ciampa was confronted by Steiner’s nephew Bron Breakker, after he had said the young Superstar’s bark was louder than his bite.

Running down Breakker’s chances of winning the NXT Title from him, Tommaso Ciampa said that he had less than “33 1/3%” chance of claiming the championship.

The promo marks the latest in a series of moments where Bron Breakker’s famous wrestling family have been mentioned, although not directly. On a previous episode of the show he was described using the phrase the “dog faced gremlin.’ A nod to his legendary father Rick Steiner. The young star also wears similar ring gear to his father, while utilising many of the same moves.

Breakker and Ciampa met for the NXT Championship at Halloween Havoc but the veteran prevailed. It was later revealed that Rick Steiner had been scheduled to appear at the event.