Tommaso Ciampa Didn’t Know Details Of His Return Until Seconds Before

Tommaso Ciampa Didn't Know Details Of His Return Until Seconds Before

Tommaso Ciampa made his return on the June 19th episode of WWE Raw and didn’t know what his entrance music would be until moments before his entrance.

The wrestling world witnessed the long-awaited return of Ciampa to the ring on June 19th, following Ciampa’s absence since the fall of 2022 due to a debilitating hip injury. Ciampa, who was previously aligned with The Miz, answered Miz’s open challenge, making a statement in his comeback.

As Ciampa’s entrance music hit the speakers, fans were thrilled to hear his old theme from NXT, No One Will Survive, signalling a return to his aggressive babyface persona and his roots in NXT.

In an interview with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Ciampa revealed that he only discovered the music choice moments before his entrance. The familiar tune undoubtedly added to the excitement surrounding his comeback. Ciampa said:

I didn’t have a clue that my music was going to be ‘No One Will Survive’ until seconds before walking out the curtain. I was going through my warm up and I said to someone, ‘What’s my music going to be?’ ‘I don’t know, I guess we should have thought about that.

He then said he suggested that No One Will Survive would be a good fit for his return:

I do have this old NXT music that is probably better for this specific scenario where I’m going to be a surprise.’ That was the whole conversation, it was probably three minutes before I went out. Seconds before I went out, somebody did thumbs up, ‘No one will survive.’ I was amped when I heard it and the crowd reaction was so good.

Reflecting on his match against The Miz, Ciampa described it as an “easy night at the office”.

What Happened To Tommaso Ciampa?

Tommaso Ciampa had been side-lined with a hip injury since October 2022, he underwent surgery to correct a hip labrum issue that had been causing him discomfort in his glutes and back. Ciampa had also been undergoing stem cell therapy to aid in his recovery.

Ciampa’s last match prior to his return in June was in September 2022 when Ciampa took on Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship. Prior to his main roster debut, Ciampa had enjoyed massive success with NXT, where he was a two-time NXT Champion.

Now that he has returned, Ciampa has several dream matches in mind, provided he can reunite with Johnny Gargano.

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