Tomasso Ciampa Provides Injury Update

Tomasso Ciampa WALTER

WWE Raw Superstar Tomasso Ciampa has been absent from our screens for over 6 months after sustaining a serious hip injury but has provided news regarding his recovery

Tomasso Ciampa provides positive injury update

Former two-time WWE NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa was hoping to make a huge main roster splash following his drafting to WWE Raw in April 2022 and quickly turned heel to align with ‘The Most Must See Superstar in WWE history’ The Miz.

During the 1st August episode of RAW, Ciampa would defeat Chad Gable and Dolph Ziggler in a triple threat match before winning out over AJ Styles later that same night to earn an opporunity at Bobby Lashley’s WWE United States Championship the following week, where Ciampa would put in a losing effort.

Ciampa would continue to aid the former WWE Champion during the summer before injury would strike after the pair teamed to face AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley during the 22nd August episode of RAW.

It was soon apparent that the hip injury suffered by Ciampa would require surgery and the 37 year old Superstar has been away from the ring ever since. A recent Instagram post has given hope that he could soon return to the squared circle following the completion of stem cell treatment.

“Today was my final stem cell treatment.

They have this awesome tradition at @bioxcellerator where you write what you are hoping to achieve on your stem cell bag.

I wrote “dance with buddies” which is Willow’s term for wrestling, and “play tag” because it breaks my heart that I can’t run and play with my 4 year old”

Whilst it is not yet known when Ciampa will return to the ring, it would appear that his treatment is progressing well and it may not be long before he returns to the RAW roster.