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Todd Pettengill Recalls Asking Vince McMahon For A “Courtesy Flush”

Todd Pettengill

Former WWE broadcaster Todd Pettengill has explained how he got his job in WWE and how his new boss knew he’d made the right hire after their unusual bathroom encounter.

Todd Pettengill is a familiar name and face to fans of mid-90s WWF programming. The man holding the microphone for The New Generation’s finest, Pettengill also hosted shows such as WWF Mania and WWF Livewire. Pettengill made his WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania IX in 1993 as well as performing a song poking fun at the company’s finest at the 1996 Slammy Awards.

As well as his wrestling career, Todd Pettengill is a massively successful radio DJ. Pettengill became the youngest breakfast radio host in the New York market when he joined the WPLJ radio morning show with long-time broadcasting partner Scott Shannon.

It was this experience in radio that led Pettengill to the doors of the World Wrestling Federation in 1993. Speaking on The Two Man Power Trip podcast, Pettengill revealed he had fans in high places.

Pettengill explained:

“Vince and Linda McMahon were fans of the radio show. I got a call out of the blue, Linda called first, and said, ‘Vince and I were talking and love what you do on the radio, do you have an interest in wrestling?’ I said, ‘I really don’t watch.’ Vince said, ‘That’s perfect. I want somebody with an outside perspective. I want someone new, who is a fan, with a microphone.’ It all stemmed from the radio show and then I went to the audition in Stamford and was lucky enough to get the gig.”

Todd Pettengill then revealed his awkward encounter with the WWE Chairman, with Pettengill asking for some toilet etiquette from his new boss:

“After the interview process, I went to the bathroom and somebody walked in while I was in another stall and proceeded to do a little damage. I asked for a courtesy flush. I didn’t know who it was, but I heard him laugh. He said, ‘I think this is going to work out.’ If I knew it was him, I can’t tell you 100% if I would have said that. Probably not. I guess it was good that I didn’t know it was him.”

Todd Pettengill returns to WWE programming with a brand he was synonymous with during his first run in the company. Pettengill will host NXT TakeOver: In Your House on Sunday, June 13th.

Credit: Two Man Power Trip

h/t Fightful for the transcription