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TikTokers The Voros Twins Discuss WWE Tryouts

Voros Twins

The Voros Twins, more known for a viral TikTok video, recently sat down with Fightful to discuss a surprise WWE invitation to the Canadian tryouts in 2019.

In September 2020, the 27-year old Hungarian-Canadian twins went viral on TikTok and Twitter with the “Da Vinki” video, in which they mispronounce Leonardo DaVinci’s name.

Interestingly, however, the brothers (Patrick & Chris) have been wrestling since 2013, even auditioning for WWE Tough Enough in 2016 & also had ROH tryouts in 2017 before WWE came calling. The pair are regulars at Pacific Northwest US indies, like DEFY, DOA and 3-2-1 BATTLE, where they’re former ECCW and DOA Tag Team Champions.

This was the first Canadian tryouts held by WWE and had 42 people take part, including names such as “The Relentless” John Atlas, Tony Cage & Kaitlin Diemond.

Patrick revealed during an interview with Sean Ross Sapp:

“We’re doing everything right. Training hard and stuff. Nothing was clicking. All of a sudden, randomly, out of the blue, we get the e-mail saying we’re invited to the tryouts”.

A deal never came into fruition for The Voros Twins this time around, but they are reflecting on the experience positively, Patrick saying:

“I feel like we crushed the tryout. We were happy with ourselves, you know? I don’t think we did bad at all”.

Chris went on to say:

“Oh, they basically said, keep up the good work. Keep getting experience and focus on your social media”.

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