Tiffany Stratton – “I’m A Very Irritable Person, It’s Not A Good Trait To Have”

Thea Hail Tiffany Stratton WWE NXT

Tiffany Stratton knows she has an abrasive personality and she’s all about embracing it.

The NXT Women’s Champion was on “Out of Character with Ryan Satin” but she didn’t have to veer too far away from her on-air personality as a lot of the uptight, prissy persona is some of the actual attitude she has.

“I would say a lot of it is kind of just my inner thoughts. It’s just me actually saying it. Honestly, if I’m going to be real, I kind of just take what I think and I like to turn it up a bunch of notches. I’m a very irritable person. It’s not a good trait to have, but I guess it is for the character of Tiffany Stratton.”

Tiffany Stratton Has All Kinds Of Confidence

Stratton is self-aware of what could be a detrimental flaw, but WWE appears to believe there is plenty to be happy about when it comes to her star power. Stratton became the Women’s Champion after winning in the tournament finals against Lyra Valkyria at NXT Battleground. The star continued that winning trend this Tuesday, fresh off a successful title defense on the second rendition of NXT Gold Rush. She defeated Chase U’s Thea Hail with a little help from Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak.

Stratton has had a unique journey into pro wrestling as she got her start with AWA legend Greg Gagne. Gagne was initially apprehensive about training a new talent, but saw the athleticism of Stratton, an accomplished gymnast, and decided to work with her. Even Gagne made mention of how difficult she could be to work with at the time.

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