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Thunder Rosa Wins AEW Women’s World Championship

Thunder Rosa entrance

Thunder Rosa is your new AEW Women’s World Champion after finally dethroning Britt Baker.

The challenger was played to the stage by a mariachi band and a raucous reception from her hometown crowd. As the match began it was Thunder Rosa who took the early momentum, busting Baker open on the steel cage. However, as the action spilled to the outside, the champion took over, drawing blood from her opponent.

After being on the end of a couple of chair shots, Baker looked to fightback, although she only found referee Paul Turner with a Superkick. To make matters worse, he was then knocked out of the ring after the two women bumped into him.

Rosa responded with a Fire Thunder Driver but there was no official to count the pin. Once more Baker fought back, hitting an Avalanche Air Raid Crash onto a pile of chairs but had to wait for referee Aubrey Edwards to get in the ring, giving the challenger chance to kick out.

With Rosa perched on the top rope, Baker stacked the chairs in the corner, but it was Baker who was sent crashing into the unforgiving furniture. Not that the violence was over by any stretch, as Baker retrieved thumb-tacks from under the ring, eventually hitting a back-body drop on Rosa into the tacks.

Determined to finish the contest, Baker went for the Lock-Jaw but Rosa broke the hold by driving her hand into the tacks, rising to deliver a Powerbomb in the same spot. Despite this, Baker slid out of the ring and nailed the challenger with a chair.

However, the end mercifully came with Thunder Rosa hitting another Fire Thunder Driver into the tacks to claim a memorable win. After her hand was raised, an emotional new champion was greeted in the ring by Dustin Rhodes as the show went off the air.

The rivalry between Baker and the Mexican star goes all of the way back to March of 2021 when the pair met in an Unsanctioned Lights Out Match on Dynamite. The bout was the first time a women’s match had headlined the show, and received near universal acclaim across the board, from fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Although it was Thunder Rosa who won the match, the win didn’t count on her AEW record, owing to the blood-soaked bout being unsanctioned. In the months that followed, Britt Baker won the AEW Women’s World Championship, while Rosa slowly battled her way back to the top of the rankings.

The pair renewed hostilities at AEW Revolution 2022, but despite the challengers best efforts, it was Baker who emerged victorious. Thanks in no small part to the interference from Rebel and Jamie Hayter at ringside.

However, on the following episode of Dynamite, Rosa defeated Leyla Hirsch to earn another shot at Baker, this time inside a steel cage.