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Thunder Rosa Will Defend Against Serena Deeb At AEW Double Or Nothing

Thunder Rosa entrance

The AEW Women’s Championship match at Double or Nothing will see Thunder Rosa defend against Serena Deeb!

On the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, Thunder Rosa addressed the audience and spoke from the heart about her journey to becoming AEW Women’s Champion.

“Everybody has a story to tell. I mean, I’m gonna tell mine. Mine is full of good guys and bad guys. Full of successes and failures, but I’m gonna start with the success.

“As you can see, tonight I stand in front of you as your Undisputed Women’s World Champion. And it was… I fought hard to retain and defend this title against Nyla Rose in Texas. When I first came to this company, I came with no expectations whatsoever; I just wanted to elevate women’s wrestling. Little did I know I became a bloodline and a backbone for this division. I carried a heavy weight for a long time.

“But with a lot of hard work, I was able to become who I became today, and I was able to help and elevate the women’s division that some continue to criticize. Today, I can tell you with a lot of confidence, I am La Mera Mera of this division. I am the top competitor, one of the best. And as the best and as your champion, I just want to wrestle with the best competitors and the most experienced, which brings me to another story.

Thunder Rosa continued, setting her sights on the next woman to face her for her AEW Women’s Championship.

“Before Thunder Rosa was Thunder Rosa, she drove along the coastline of California for about eight hours to see one wrestler, and one wrestler only. That wrestler that inspired me to become the best version of Thunder Rosa. And with that said, I would like to call out the number one contender.”

This brought out Serena Deeb, who became number one contender when she faced Hikaru Shida in a street fight on last week’s episode of Dynamite that left her with a nasty face wound. Deeb made it clear that she respects Thunder Rosa, and said that she believes the two of them can make AEW the best women’s division in the entire world. However, she continued by saying that in order for the division to be the best, the best women’s wrestler in the world would need to be champion.

Thunder Rosa took offense to this, but Serena continued and insisted:

“I’m on another level. I’m in a class all my own. And it’s about time that I have the championship to show that.”

Thunder Rosa asked if her opponent wanted to place a bet on this, and Serena responded that she’d bet Thunder Rosa will have the shortest AEW Women’s Championship reign in history before claiming that she’ll take the title at Double or Nothing declaring:

“I’ll see you in Vegas.”

Elsewhere on AEW Dynamite, the official bracket for the men’s Owen Hart Foundation Memorial Tournament was revealed and Mercedes Martinez became the Undisputed Ring of Honor Women’s Champion.