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Thunder Rosa On Representation In Wrestling – “I’m Very Proud Of Where I Come From”

Thunder Rosa Mexican American Flag

Thunder Rosa recently discussed the significance behind the iconic Mexican-American flag on her wrestling attire whilst speaking on the topic of Latin representation within wrestling!

During a recent AdFreeShows Q&A session, Inside The Ropes’ own Liam Stewart spoke to the former NWA Women’s Champion about the revival of Latin representation within wrestling whilst also discussing the importance of both Mexican and American cultural simulacrum to the Tijuana-born athlete.

“Well, for me, it is very important that people know that I was born in Mexico, but I’m like, you know, adopted American, I’m an American citizen and I’m very, very proud of being an American citizen because of all the opportunities that I have gotten ever since I moved to this country. And I will represent them. That’s why you always see me with a Mexican American flag. You will see me wearing something such as wearing both flags because my heart is Mexican. I speak Spanish and I love my culture. And I’m very proud of where I come from. But I also am very proud of what I have, what I have become here in America.”

Rosa would then discuss why she believes it is difficult to predict who the next pride of Latin culture will be within professional wrestling, stating that she believes the process of becoming fans identify with is one that must come naturally:

“It is hard to say who will be that second person or the second generation that will bring that pride on the business because it all comes naturally. I at first I was very reluctant to bring my Mexican heritage to the table and now ever since I embraced it completely, that I think that I have become more successful because I know where I come from and I know who I am.”

Finally, the former Lucha Underground Trios Champion would discuss why she believes fans are able to identify with her as a performer regardless of their cultural background:

“People identify with me no matter what culture they’re from. They just identify with somebody that has gone through this stuff in the world and they, little by little, have become successful.”

Thunder Rosa continues to be a key player in both NWA & AEW, recently competing in the latter’s critically acclaimed Lights Out Unsanctioned Match against Britt Baker which recently became the joint highest-rated US women’s match ever.

During the same Q&A session, Rosa also discussed her role as a locker room leader within AEW & NWA naming Alundra Blayze as one of three current mentors within her career alongside two former WWE Tag-Team Champions

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