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Thunder Rosa On Lucha Underground Debut – “I Felt Like I Was Nobody”

Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa has opened up about her experience in her early days as a wrestler and how she was shouted at after a match in Lucha Underground.

The former NWA Women’s World Champion had her very first singles match in February 2015. Only nine months later and Rosa found herself working for a televised wrestling promotion in Lucha Underground. The company aired its show in seasons and was shown in the USA on the El Rey Network.

Debuting during the second season of Lucha Underground, Thunder Rosa was known in the company as Kobra Moon. Rosa explained to Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards on the AEW Unrestricted podcast why that experience was a terrible one for her.

Thunder Rosa detailed:

“That was awful. Wrestling with a mask is not fun. My first match, I was with a veteran, I won’t say his name but you probably know who I’m talking about. I had this mask that didn’t fit me, the shoes were two sizes too big, this gear that was riding on my vajayjay. I have to get in the ring with this person and I’m trying to be respectful because I’m green.”

“The guy is yelling at me the whole time we’re putting the match together. ‘You don’t know how to do this or that.’ Sir, I don’t train Lucha. I don’t know how to do it. ‘You’re going to learn how to do it now.’ We literally have to pull all these stunts out of my ass. I mess up the finish, and I totally understand why he was upset. He had to put this green girl with no experience over on her first match on Lucha Underground.”

“I will never forget how poorly I was treated and how little I felt. I felt like I was nobody. Ever since then, I promised myself I would never treat another person like that in the ring. I don’t care how inexperienced they are. You should treat people with respect.”

Rosa debuted at the November 15th, 2015 tapings for Lucha Underground. In her first match in the company, she defeated Bengala – better known as Ricky Marvin.

Rosa and Dr. Britt Baker recently set the wrestling world ablaze with their critically acclaimed Lights Out Unsanctioned match. WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry recently gave his thoughts on the brutal encounter.

Credit: AEW Unrestricted

h/t Fightful for the transcription