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Thunder Rosa On Cringing At Her Lucha Underground Work

Despite being considered one of North America’s finest female talents, Thunder Rosa has revealed how she now cringes when watching her earlier work in Lucha Underground.

Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Rosa described her lack of confidence when wrestling for the short-lived El Rey Network series, and how she now feels a much greater connection to her character:

I cringe, I cringe, I cringe. I’m just so, like, not confident. I think it was because I was still developing the character and when you’re developing a character that is not you, as you can see, even -1 asked me right now, ‘Thunder Rosa, why do you always have the face paint on?’ I was like, ‘Cause I live the gimmick, brother.’ So, I wasn’t living the gimmick with the mask. It was very challenging, like everything. Learning a new language is lucha libre, learning a new style of wrestling, talking to all these veterans and not feeling like I belong there because I was so young and so green. It was culture shock. Completely. Which, I had to learn real quick that the reason I was there was because I had the ‘it’ factor and someone saw it and I have to accept that. So, when I did that I started getting more comfortable and Kobra Moon actually got over, especially with the storyline that I have.

Rosa debuted in Lucha Underground during its second season, as the leader of the ‘Reptile Tribe’ Kobra Moon, and held the company’s Trios Championships alongside Daga and Jerimiah Snake (now known as Sami Callihan).

With thanks to Fightful for the transcript. To view Rosa’s full interview Sean, click here.