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Thunder Rosa Names Alundra Blayze Among Key Mentors

Thunder Rosa and Alundra Blayze

Thunder Rosa recently discussed her role as a locker room leader within both AEW & NWA before revealing three performers she regards as key mentors throughout her own career – including a current WWE Hall of Famer!

During a recent AdFreeShows Q&A session, Inside The Ropes’ own Liam Stewart spoke to the former NWA Women’s Champion about her role as a mentor to many of AEW’s and NWA’s younger stars, citing Gary Cassidy’s recent interview with Alex Gracia in which ‘The Pink Dream’ would state that Thunder Rosa has had the single biggest impact on her career.

La Mera Mera would respond to Gracia’s praise, discussing if leadership is a trait she has taken to naturally or if it has been something she has worked on.

“I think it’s organically. I am a leader just in general and everywhere I’ve been, like, when I see things that I don’t think they are right or it can be better, I try to ask people if they’re interested in my opinion. If not, I’ll just keep it to myself. Some people get, like, weirded out, ‘Who are you to tell me what to do?” y’know, but like I said, people that I seen even before they became wrestlers, like Alex [Gracia] is one of them. That’s why I went out of my way to to try to help her a little bit and guide her in the right way.”

Discussing Gracia, Rosa would praise the 28-year-old;s work ethic and attitude backstage.

“That’s why I went out of my way to to try to help her [Gracia] a little bit and point her in the right way. I think sometimes we get so stuck on our own ways and when we don’t have a mentor, we don’t have somebody that will be completely honest with us. We tend to make the wrong decisions or just I mean, we learn from that. But when you have somebody that can extend a hand and be like a… I think you should consider this and say that, then makes things a lot easier for young talent, such as her.

Thunder Rosa would continue, discussing why she choses to help individuals in the locker room and discussing many of the difficulties she faced whilst breaking into the business.

“There’s a lot of things that we did, my husband and I, and it was hit and miss and we learned our lesson. So now that’s why we’re helping so many other women that are going through it, through the same things that we are, because I don’t want them to go through what I went through to be treated the way that I was treated at times, or just like to see some of the injustices that I’ve seen. Like, I don’t want them to go through that. And that’s why I get so personal to help them.”

The former Kobra Moon would continue, responding to the question of key influences in her career listing Trevor Murdoch, Dustin Rhodes & Alundra Blayze as her three biggest mentors in the industry right now. Although her current mentors are mainly men, Thunder Rosa said Alundra Blayze [aka Madusa] has reached out to her on several occasions with praise or advice regarding her career.

“For me right now, like, mentors that I have are mostly like males. Definitely like Dustin [Rhodes] has been one of them. Trevor Murdoch has been another one. Madusa has reached out multiple times just to make sure that I’m doing all right, especially in difficult times or when I’m like my career choices, my career growing up, like she always has that talk to keep me on my on my feet grounded.”

Rosa works with Murdoch in the NWA where ‘The Outlaw’ is a former NWA National Heavyweight Champion, losing the belt to fellow former WWE Tag Team Champion Chris Adonis, formerly Chris Masters. Three-time Intercontinental Champion Dustin Rhodes currently works for All Elite Wrestling as both an active competitor and as a coach alongside Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko.

Speaking on a recent edition of AEW Unrestricted, Thunder Rosa would state her desire to work within AEW as a coach and a talent scout in the coming years.

“I would love to be a coach and a scout, It’s important to have really good talent. When you have a really good scout, we need strong women’s wrestling. We don’t have enough time to train them and mold them, right? We need coachable people that will be there when you need them. I have a big vision and I know AEW will change a lot things in the coming years. That’s one thing I want to do. I will continue to grow my own promotion to where they are almost ready and know what they are doing (for television).”

Thunder Rosa continues to be a key player in both NWA & AEW, recently competing in the latter’s critically acclaimed Lights Out Unsanctioned Match against Britt Baker which recently became the joint highest-rated US women’s match ever.

During the same Q&A session, Rosa also discussed the significance of the Mexican-American flag that has become a key part of her entrance attire and who she would face in the main event of WrestleMania if given the choice!

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