Thunder Rosa Breaks Silence On Future

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Thunder Rosa has broken her silence over where her future lays in the professional wrestling industry after losing the NWA World Women’s Championship to Serena Deeb.

After becoming one of the most sought performers in the game today, Rosa has been at the heart of much discussion about where she will spend the next phase of her career.

When she dropped the NWA strap to Deeb last Tuesday, rumour was rife that she was headed to AEW as she’d seemed at home in the company during her appearances this year. Then out of the blue WWE suddenly filed a trademark for the name ‘Chigona Bomb’, sparking conversation that it could be in preparation for the arrival of the star.

At AEW Full Gear, Thunder Rosa made a shock appearance on the Buy-In to stare down the woman who took her title and stake her claim for a rematch. However, NWA President Billy Corgan has categorically shot down all rumours that she’ll leave the company by noting her contract does not expire until next year.

Now, Thunder Rosa has joined Busted Open Radio to talk about the rumours surrounding her future and where she sees herself going when she departs the NWA.

When asked about whether she wants to go to WWE or AEW when she’s officially a free agent, the talent shocked everyone by as good as closing the door on WWE thanks to their third party policy and making an emphatic statement about setting her sights on AEW:

“Because all of the projects I have on the side, it has to be a place where I’m still able to continue my work with what I’m working on. As you guys know, I run and I’m part-owner of Mission Pro Wrestling. It’s an all-women show, and I’m not talking just in the ring. Everybody that runs this stuff is a woman, and there’s so much that I’m working on with other projects that I have with this to make it bigger. So if I’m able to do it in NWA, then with NWA. If I’m able to do it with AEW, then AEW probably. But now, knowing what WWE is doing with things that we have on the side, it is going to very difficult for me to work on my personal projects.

Sometimes those personal projects are the things that bring you the most joy in life, and I don’t want that joy to be taken away from me for money. If that’s what I have to sacrifice sometimes, then I would rather be happy than being a slave somewhere where I’m going to be there for I don’t know how long.”

She went on to talk further about potentially signing with one of the major companies once her NWA contract had reached it’s conclusion and how she would give it everything she had:

“It’s a business. I’m signed with NWA. I have another year with them, and when it’s my time, it’s going to be my time. When my time comes, I’m not going to come as just another person on the roster. Mark my words – I’m coming for everything. I’m coming to be on top just like I did this first time. My debut is going to be bigger because I’m going to be a better wrester. I’m going to cut better promos. My body is going to look like chisel, and I’m going to have a better record on my MMA.

So when I go out there, this is all I have to offer. What do you have to offer me? That’s what I want when I go to a bigger company, I want them to want me. That’s how it should be.”

For now though, Thunder Rosa is happy as a NWA Superstar and will set her sights on regaining her coveted championship from Serena Deeb in the weeks and months to come.

When she does step away from the National Wrestling Alliance, whoever acquires her services will have a star to build a division around and a diamond that needs no polishing.

Credit for the interview: Busted Open Radio

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.