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“Those Who Are Called-Up Or Brought In Are Given Too Much, Too Soon” – Big E

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Current WWE Intercontinental Champion, Big E, has spoken out about NXT call-ups and returning legends getting the spotlight over those who have ground their way to success.

For many years, a common gripe of WWE fans has been that returning stars such as Goldberg have gotten the proverbial rub over those already on either the red or blue brands. Pushed ahead of those there week in and week out, men like Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods and more are more often than not left in the shadows.

Now, the former NXT Champion has joined Busted Open Radio in order to discuss his entry into the Royal Rumble on January 31 and those who come in for a one-and-done getting the better deal than men like him who form the spine of the company’s weekly television schedule: