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“Those In Charge Do Not See Anything In Him” – Dave Meltzer On Aleister Black

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As per Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Aleister Black is no longer a main priority with WWE management following his lengthily absence from television.

On the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer went into detail about the former NXT Champion and the forecast does not look promising. According to the journalist, those in charge do not see anything in the talent and are finding it a struggle to create anything meaningful for him on the main roster.

However, Meltzer notes that Black’s recent inactivity and the reason for WWE not featuring him is not because of the recent relief of his real-life wife, Zelina Vega. The promotion have felt this way since Paul Heyman was removed as Executive Director of Monday Night Raw in June.

According to Meltzer, Aleister Black was one of two names in the frame to defeat WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, but Drew McIntyre was considered the best choice by all involved:

“When it came down to who should beat Lesnar, who was leaving after Mania, the two choices in Heyman’s eyes were Drew [McIntyre] and Black. Although McIntyre got the main event nod, Heyman intended to “protect Black” and book him like a top flight star after WrestleMania.”

After a storyline in which he was given an eye-patch and turned heel on Kevin Owens, Meltzer noted that while it’s possible WWE could do a U-turn on the talent, it doesn’t look good for his future as a WWE talent as the promotion has “forgotten about him.”

Following the release of his spouse, Aleister Black was said to have requested a return to NXT where he experienced his best years in the company as NXT Champion. His request was denied and for now he will continue to be inactive until something can be found for him to do.