“This Time I Think He’s Done” – Charles Wright On The Undertaker Retirement

The Undertaker Thumb

Charles ‘The Godfather’ Wright has given his opinion on whether The Undertaker will remain retired after his Final Farewell at Survivor Series on November 22.

The Undertaker and Wright have a long history together inside and outside the ring. From Papa Shango, to Kama, to The Godfather, the talent has been one of ‘Taker’s biggest rivals in the ring as well as one his best friends when the cameras stopped rolling.

Members of the famed Bone Street Krew, both men travelled the road together and Undertaker even trusted Wright with the first Rolex he bought when inebriated.

Now, Charles Wright has spoken to Sports Illustrated about his friendship with Mark Calaway as well as if he thinks the legend will stay retired or be coaxed back into the squared circle like so many before him:

“When I heard about this farewell, I texted and said, ‘Big Dog, you done?’ He said, ‘Bear, I’m done.’ Now he’s said that before, but they just wouldn’t let him go. This time, he said he’s done. I don’t know what Vince is going to throw at him down the river, but I think he’s done.”

‘Bear’ is the nickname by which The Undertaker refers to his friend, dating back to their Bone Street Krew days as told on Broken Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

With his belief very much that ‘The Demon of Death Valley’ is truly done this time around, the conversation moved onto Survivor Series, and being invited back to bid his friend one last goodbye: