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“This Is The First Time Triple H Has Made A Mistake In Presentation” – Jim Cornette

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Legendary manager Jim Cornette has given his opinion of the presentation of Triple H during his main event brawl with Randy Orton on the January 11, 2021, Monday Night Raw.

Challenged to a fight by ‘The Viper’ earlier in the evening, Helmsley gladly accepted the invitation by his former protégé and foe. However, at the conclusion of the bout, the former WWE Champion seemed to simply vanish into mid-air in order to allow the storyline to play out between his foe and Alexa Bliss.

At the conclusion of the bout, ‘Little Miss Bliss’ directed a fireball into the face of Orton – who would sell the injuries by wearing a mask one week later – without Triple H being seen again.

Taking to his Jim Cornette Experience Podcast, the manager of champions spoke his disapproval of the handling of the conclusion, stating that because the former blue blood didn’t stay around, it was a clear work that could have been made to look legitimate:

“This is the first time, to me, that I can remember that Triple H has made a drastic mistake in his presentation. Where did he go? Triple H, the guy with the sledgehammer, that was trying to consider whether or not he was going to murder this motherf***er he’s fighting with the sledgehammer — in the Attitude Era days, when everybody was over, to get Triple H out of that ring you would have had to have a platoon drag him out — but instead the lights go out and when they come back on he’s gone.

That means he’s in on it. That means he wasn’t really mad at Randy Orton or he wouldn’t have left. That means he’s in on whatever foolishness is going to happen next. That means it’s all a show. We just saw behind the scenes of the god damn magician’s box that he saws the woman in half in and saw the mirrors and the god damn compartments. That made no sense. He was gone and never seen again. Instead Randy Orton is in the ring with f***ing Alexa Bliss that’s five feet tall and a hundred pounds, standing there looking at her like she’s got turds in her mouth.”

On the January 18 edition of Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton was seen concealing the majority of his injuries behind a mask that was reminiscent of Mad Maxx. The fireball angle is now thought to be a lead-in to his much speculated Firefly Funhouse Match with a returning Fiend at the Royal Rumble on January 31.

Credit for the interview: The Jim Cornette Experience