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Arn Anderson On FTR – “They’re Much Better Than Tully & I” [Exclusive]

FTR and Arn Anderson

During their short time in All Elite Wrestling, FTR has definitely done more than enough to solidify their place as one of the greatest tag teams in the world. One man who heavily influenced both men, though, revealed in an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes’ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy how he believes Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler are THE best team in the world.

“I will say, and I have said for probably a year and a half now, they’re the best team in the world! And they’ve done their homework, and I’m so flattered and honoured that they’ve said they patented themselves after Tully and I.”

The legendary Arn Anderson would go on to say how the pair aren’t just the best team in the world right now – but that they’re “much better” than even he and Tully were.

“Well, I want – on record – to say, they’re much better than Tully and I. They’re just more athletic. They can do more things. You know, they’re just, ‘Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.’ Their cardio is just incredible and they work at a pace that’s different from when Tully and I were a team. I would say this – and I tell those guys, and I think it pisses them off, you know, there’s always, ‘Who would win between you guys?’ Well, if we leave it to the athletics, they’re going to win. I just don’t think they’re as nasty as we were. And I think that would be the deciding factor. When they see this, they’re going to be pissed.”

Despite thinking he and Tully may still have the upper hand due to that nastiness, Anderson heaped more praise on the team, saying any team who wrestles the former AEW Tag Team Champions becomes better for the experience.

“I feel like they are the best team in the world. And every team, the next morning, that has wrestled them are better for it.”

Speaking of their barnstormer of a match with The Young Bucks at Full Gear, Anderson told us how he loved that match, and that it showcased something the industry is missing.

“I loved it, and that’s the part that’s missing in the industry. We can’t go backwards and take all the flip, flop and fly out of the business because it’s already been introduced to the industry. You guys have accepted it, you like it, we need to leave it in – but we also need to regulate that with storytelling. That’s the part that sells tickets.”

Anderson also spoke of the pressures of delivering such a hotly-anticipated match but said he believes it “paid dividends” because both teams worked to each other’s strengths, adding that the storytelling was incredible.

Thanks to Arn Anderson for taking the time to chat with Inside The Ropes. You can read the full interview here.

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