“They’re Going To End Up Letting A Bunch Of Guys Go” – Former WWE Star On Upcoming Cuts

Vince McMahon - WWE Executive Chairman

In recent days Nick Khan has confirmed that WWE will be undertaking “aggressive” cost-cutting following the deal with Endeavor.

The deal, when complete, will see WWE merge with UFC, and a new company created.

When Endeavor purchased UFC back in 2016, the deal was followed by serious cuts as the company slashed costs. As a result, many predicted the same strategy will be employed with the sports entertainment giant. However, while Nick Khan confirmed that there will be cuts, he stated that the intention is to leave “the product” untouched.

Despite this, many believe that the roster could still be cut as the company look to make savings.

Appearing on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, former WWE Superstar John Morrison said that he felt “a bunch of guys” would end up being let go. He added that he was thankful for AEW, as it provides another place for wrestlers to work.

“I think there’s a hiring freeze right now. I think they’re going to end up letting a bunch of guys go. I think salaries are going to get cut. I’m really glad AEW is around to balance that out a little bit, because if they weren’t, there would be no leverage, and nowhere else to go, and WWE and UFC would be this weird monopoly that just wrings the money out of the livelihood of the fighters and wrestlers and I always think that sucks,”

Some WWE Talents Fearing For Their Future

While Vince McMahon might not be involved in the day-to-day running of WWE creative, his presence has reportedly created a great deal of uncertainty backstage. A recent report stated that those who returned to the company while McMahon was ‘retired’ fear they could be the first to e let go in the event of mass talent cuts.

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