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“They’re Both Right-Wing Weirdos” – CM Punk On Dana White Vs. Vince McMahon

CM Punk and Vince McMahon in the ring

CM Punk recently called Dana White and Vince McMahon “right-wing weirdos” after being asked if there were any parallels between the two millionaires!

Appearing as a guest on Renee Paquette‘s Oral Sessions podcast, Punk was asked if there were any parallels to be drawn between Vince McMahon and Dana White, having worked for both, and if the two were cut from the same cloth.

Punk responded that he believes both are “right-wing weirdos” but ultimately Dana is more charitable as the UFC president purportedly goes to bat for fighters behind closed doors, financially in particular:

“I think there’s levels to it and obviously you can draw that they’re both right-wing – a word I’ll use is – weirdo(s) because they vote based on what’s good for their pocketbook. If I had to really compare and contrast, I would say Dana’s more generous. I think Dana does a lot of stuff for the fighters behind-the-scenes, I think there’s a lot of locker-room money thrown around that people don’t know about and he gets a lot of flak.”

The former WWE Champion went on to criticise the pay fighters receive in the UFC but also explained he understood White’s anger at the suggestion of fighters getting paid more due to his record of under-handed generosity:

“That being said, I do also think fighters need to get paid a whole hell of a lot more. But a lot of that time when he lashes out about when people are complaining about pay and unionisation it’s because he knows ‘Hey I just gave that guy 250 grand under the table’, you can’t talk about it. But he should still pay people more and the fighters need to get together and unionise anyway… just like the wrestlers!”

Punk would go on to comment on WWE’s recent third-party edict which led to Zelina Vega’s release and if he believes there will ever be unionisation within WWE. In addition, he also discussed what it’d take to get him back inside the squared circle, which WWE Superstar would be “interesting” to work with and the time he muted Vince McMahon whilst on commentary!

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