“Those Guys Didn’t Do Anything Wrong […] They Were The Victims” – Matt Hardy On The Elite

The Elite - Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Brandon Cutler

The Elite trio of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are seemingly on their way back to All Elite Wrestling, having been backstage for the previous two broadcasts of AEW Dynamite. Whenever they do make their return will mark the trio’s first appearance on AEW programming since All Out.

Currently, the creative plan for their comeback remains unknown. It seems likely that they’ll enter the trios division, having been crowned the inaugural AEW World Trios Champions prior to being suspended. The latest teaser video hyping the group’s comeback saw Death Triangle seemingly responsible for ‘deleting’ The Elite.

Matt Hardy Stands By The Elite

Speaking on the latest Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the subject of The Elite was brought up, leading Matt Hardy to stand by his original AEW allies. The older Hardy brother claimed that the group did nothing wrong during the All Out backstage incident, believing that they are the victims rather than CM Punk’s side:

“It’s going to be very interesting to see The Elite back, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. I’m very happy they are back. I will say this right here and right now, those guys didn’t do anything wrong in this situation. If anything, they were the victims.

I’m telling you that from a first-person perspective. I was there, I witnessed it all. I love all three of those guys. I’ve known Matt and Nick [Jackson] forever. I’ve just gotten to know Kenny while working with AEW. I’m very happy they are returning to TV and they are back in the mix. They deserve to be in the mix.”

Matt Hardy has since clarified that he wasn’t backstage at All Out, instead watching the saga evolve in real-time. He added that he was overjoyed to see the three AEW EVPs backstage at Dynamite recently:

“When I saw them yesterday, I said, ‘It’s so good to see you guys. You guys are the heart and soul of AEW.’ The Elite, in many ways, are the identity of AEW. Without those guys, you don’t have AEW as it is right now. Things are very different. Tony Khan may have started wrestling in some capacity, but All Elite Wrestling, those guys are the identity of AEW. It’s very important to have them back.”

Matt Hardy was aligned with The Elite during his first few months in AEW, competing in the inaugural Stadium Stampede match alongside Omega, the Bucks, and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page.

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