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Eric Bischoff Says WWE Memories Make Him Smile More Than WCW Memories

Eric Bischoff

The following story was told at an Inside The Ropes live event in 2016, which we have unearthed as we bring unseen archive footage into the spotlight for the first time.

At an Inside The Ropes live event in 2016, Eric Bischoff revealed that it’s his WWE memories which bring a smile to his face upon reflection more than his WCW work.

Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh would ask the former WCW President about his run as RAW General Manager, with the former WCW President admitting that, on camera, those are some of his favourite moments.

“There was several things and I have to say, honestly, as a character on camera, probably the majority of the things that I look back on with the biggest smile on my face happened in WWE, not in WCW. I’m proud of a lot of things that happened in WCW, because it was me behind the scenes and all the things that went with that. I’m very proud of that in my own mind.”

Bischoff went on to say his character in WWE was undoubtedly the most fun he had on-screen, pin-pointing one moment in particular.

“As a character, I had the most fun really in WWE. The things that stand out in my mind… At the very top of the list, I have to say it with all due respect to all the guys that I got a chance to work with – and women – Chuck and Billy’s wedding.

The former RAW General Manager did say he doesn’t look back often, and doesn’t even have any mementos from his wrestling career at home.

Honest to God, if you came to my home and you walked around, you would not see one picture of anything related to my wrestling career, you wouldn’t see one poster, you wouldn’t see a memento. It’s not me. I don’t live in the past. I try my best every day, and I pray to God to do a good job of living in the present. I don’t think about the past and I try not to worry about the future. It’s just how I get through a day.”

That, of course, means Eric smile much more when reminded of the fun stuff he was involved in.

“So as a result of that, sometimes I just forget s***, because I don’t hang onto it, but with Twitter and Facebook and things, people send you stuff all the time. ‘You remember this?’ I look at some things like, ‘Oh, I don’t remember doing that, that is fun and that’s good.’ But the thing to this day, if someone sends it to me, I’ll look at it and it makes me smile, is that Chuck and Billy wedding, pulling that a mask off and all that, that was a blast. Working with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s probably the second most fun thing that I’ve ever done, and satisfying, for a lot of reasons. That moment being in Montreal, that pay-per-view and being in the ring with Steve, under the circumstances that led up to it and everything, I’m I’m probably more proud of that than anything else, but the Chuck and Billy thing was more fun.”

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