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“They Don’t Make Folks Like Owen Hart Anymore” – Jeff Jarrett

Owen Hart

As Jeff Jarrett prepares to enter the world of podcasting when My World debuts on AdFreeShows, the WWE Hall of Famer has opened up about his friendship with the late Owen Hart, and emotionally winning the Intercontinental Championship after his friend’s tragic passing.

Double J replaced Owen Hart in a match for the Intercontinental Championship just days after Hart’s death, and would roar his friend’s name after defeating The Godfather for the title. In a recent interview, Inside The Ropes’ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy asked the six-time Intercontinental Champion about that poignant moment.

“That was something that, you know, Conrad, very respectful co-host, I would have never sort of signed up just to hit around that. And it goes without saying, when I’ve been asked about Owen for the last 20 years, what kind of ribs or this story or that story.”

Jarrett confirmed that an episode of My World will be about Owen Hart.

“One of the episodes is going to be about Owen because he, to this day, they just… They don’t make folks like Owen anymore. Authentic, real, sincere, a family man. Incredible integrity. But there are some parts of during that time that, you know, from the time of the accident and then, like you just said, going through that and facing The Godfather and the timing, not just me, the entire company, on some levels, was still reeling from that.”

The WWE Hall of Famer added that the moment was fuelled with emotion.

“So, you know, that exact moment, so to speak, was a fuelled, highly emotional situation, of course. But, yeah, that’s, again, something that we’re going to dive into but winning the Intercontinental Title, like you said, it’s a prestigious belt and always has been but each championship I won… I’m going to say the obvious is what I’m getting around to. That was a special moment for me personally because of the Owen factor, so to speak.”

Jarrett previewed his new podcast, which debuts this week, by teeing up many of the topics he covers on the show – including bringing ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage to TNA, Owen Hart, finding out he was fired on live TV, Bash at the Beach 2000 and much, much more.

“You know, with Bruce’s podcast, Something To Wrestle With, and Conrad as the co-host of Bruce’s podcast and now mine, we’re going to get into that because what’s really unique, Bruce was actually in Panama City, but obviously working for Vince and so there’s a really cool backstory to that and as you dig deeper into it, we’re going to cover that in one of the first few episodes of My World. So that’s something that… That’s been talked about. The match with Chyna… I mean, I could go down the list of stories, the Double J vignettes and being part of the Four Horsemen.”

You can read the full interview here.

Thank you to Jeff Jarrett for taking the time. You can catch the premiere episode of My World with Jeff Jarrett this Tuesday, May 4th, and every subsequent Tuesday by subscribing to AdFreeShows.