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“They Are Bats**t Insane” – Jim Cornette On Controversial WWE Turn

Jim Cornette Crying

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has had his say on a recent shocking turn in WWE and accuses the company of insanity for going through with it.

Jim Cornette has seen his fair share of heel and babyface turns during his decades in the wrestling business. But it was the recent events on Raw that left him scratching his head.

The Judgment Day group which formed for the first time at WrestleMania 38 turned on their leader with Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest joining the newest member of the group, Finn Balor, in attacking Edge.

Speaking on his Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on the angle, and clearly thinks that without Edge the group is doomed to fail:

“Edge comes out with Ripley and Priest. He puts them both over strong and then introduces the newest member of Judgment Day, Finn Balor! Ok, the guy that we beat last night is now joining us. And Edge asked him ‘Finn, how did you come to this decision?’ And Finn said that it was a calling, he was tired of pretending to be someone that he is not and that he was in awe of Ripley and Priest and how aggressive they were last night.”

“He spoke to them after the event because he like them were tired of being told what to do. I realised at this point that Finn Balor does not need to talk at length. He is getting it out, but he sounds like an Irish Opie Taylor. So finally, Priest says that they are ready to shed the limitations that are holding them back, and the last one is you and he nails Edge.”

“They have turned on the leader of their group after 6 weeks, so now I guess is Priest the new leader or is it Balor, is Balor going to be the stooge of a young guy or is he going to lead this group? Which in this case they are all f*cked!”

Jim Cornette went on to add that the turn of events might make sense if Edge was set to retire but with that unlikely, he thinks the move makes no sense given that having a WWE Hall of Famer working with Priest and Ripley could have elevated them to new heights:

“They nail Edge, get heat on him, and give him a Razors Edge on the announce desk. Then that goofy con-chair-to business and the chair thing in the mouth. If Edge is quitting the business to become a Buddhist monk, then this is an acceptable turn of events. But if he is going to spend one more day in the wrestling business, then they are bat sh*t insane. Crazier than a rainbow trout in a car wash, couldn’t say sooie if the hogs had them.”

“They have been together for 6 weeks, and Balor is not Edge. By the way, Edge is a Hall of Famer, remember I said he is a near Hall of Famer? Well, they did induct him, he is a Hall of Famer. And Balor is an excellent worker in the ring, but he has never been the same as Edge in the people’s eyes in the way he is used. He is not Edge verbally and he is not Edge mentally.”

“He’s not a Hall of Fame guy, and he is not the guy that put the group together. So now they are 3 undercard nitwits that were about to get over, 2 of them were. And they took the f*cking main part of the equation out of it.”

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