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“These Writers Are Writing Movies Now” – Jim Cornette On Randy Orton’s Creative

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The legendary Jim Cornette has spoken out about the quality of WWE’s writing concerning the storyline revolving around Randy Orton, The Fiend and Alexa Bliss.

Following the fireball attack on Randy Orton the January 11 Monday Night Raw, ‘The Viper’ returned to WWE’s red brand sporting a safety mask – that harked back to Mad Maxx – in order to protect the supposed burns which were a result of Alexa Bliss’ actions.

Sat backstage in a darkened room, the former WWE Champion played with matches while he promised that he would end both The Fiend Bray Wyatt and ‘Little Miss Bliss’ once and for all, despite Wyatt not having been seen since being burned alive at the conclusion of WWE Tables, Ladder and Chairs 2020.

Now, Jim Cornette has taken to his Jim Cornette Experience Podcast in order to chastise WWE’s writing and creative team, stating that the company are no longer writing professional wrestling, but movies:

“He comes back on Raw and what’s he got on his face? A tight, form-fitting, what looked like home-made wrestling mask. With seams around the eyes and the the nose which I’m feeling will be especially uncomfortable on burned skin […] but the content, these writers are writing movies now. They’re writing movie scenes. This was verbiage…nobody talks like this, and if you are an actor the level of a Jack Nicholson possible, but if you were an actor the level of Jack Nicholson you’d be having much better verbiage handed to you by prominent screenwriters that would sound a lot more convincing than this horses**t.

He’s in a dark room with his mask on and being real dramatic and multiple takes because I’m sure they were having him doing it word for word, because there was no emotion in it whatsoever, nothing that you could believe, it’s just a guy trying to be a movie actor. And this is not knocking Randy Orton because they want him to do this apparently. I’m sure it wasn’t his idea that, ‘I’ll put this mask on and be in a dark room and say a bunch of s**t that I would never f***ing say’, but are they going now for some kind of Emmy? An acting award? They might get a Corny for this one. But is that what they’re going for? It’s not wrestling, it’s bad acting and independent film making.”

The storyline is thought to be a prelude to the 2021 Royal Rumble, where The Fiend Bray Wyatt will return from his fiery grave – potentially evolved into something even more demonic – in order to battle his nemesis in a Firefly Funhouse Match.

Credit for the interview: The Jim Cornette Experience