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“There’s No Clear Cut Answer” – Jim Cornette On AJ Styles vs. CM Punk And Who Is Better

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The manager of legends, Jim Cornette, has spoken about who is better between former WWE Champions, AJ Styles and CM Punk.

Both destined for legendary status in the professional wrestling industry, AJ Styles vs. CM Punk is a dream match that we could still see happen if bridges were to be re-built in a swift amount of time. However, the argument about who was best could be one that rages on for decades.

While AJ Styles is still recognised as one of the greatest wrestlers in the world today, able to work with any talent of any size and make the bout logical, CM Punk is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the industry and a man who was arguably held down in the WWE as far as what he was capable of.

Now, Jim Cornette has sat down on his Drive-Thru Podcast to answer the question posed to him by a fan. While Jim struggled to choose between the two stars, he outlined their differences, strengths and weaknesses:

“As far as technical wrestling I think CM Punk would probably admit that AJ Styles is a phenomenal athlete. The springboard and the balance and the dropkicks and that flying phenomenal forearm and the dives, his physical conditioning, AJ would be ahead of Punk in that category. Probably by a good bit. Having said that, everybody remembers Punk’s pipe-bomb promo but CM Punk is quite the wordsmith and AJ Styles has never had the reputation of being a world class orator. If you put AJ Styles on a soap box in the middle of a town square in merry old England, you think he’s draw a bigger crowd than CM Punk? Verbally probably not.

Are you talking about who achieved a higher level in the WWE? Because they’ve both worked there. AJ was used more consistently as a main event guy in TNA thank Punk was used for a longer period of time in WWE as a main event guy but it was still TNA. So Punk achieved more success being over on his own a single in the WWE than AJ did. Does that make him a better wrestler? Or does that make him a better personality? Or does that mean they just pushed him better and his booking was better? All of these things have to be taken into play. AJ Styles was never in a position where he could quit if he didn’t get the main event at WrestleMania and be able to tell the son-in-law, “I don’t have to work with you, you need to work with me.” Not that AJ Would probably come up with that witty of a line to begin with anyway.”

In the end, Cornette could not choose one over the other and decided that there was no clear answer to the question at hand:

“It depends on what you’re looking for. There’s no clear cut answer. Punk had more success as a single wrestler when business was stronger in a spot on top in the WWE than AJ did. AJ was a main event wrestler in some company for a longer un-interrupted period of time than Punk was. A lot of that time was spent in IMPACT so that’s got to factor in because that’s like being the nicest guy in prison. You’re a star in monogram studios. There’s no comparison between really the athleticism of AJ and Punk. AJ gets that. And there’s no comparison in verbal abilities, Punk gets that. And as far as who was the best professional wrestler as worker as psychologically, I think Punk got more mileage out of less because AJ had to have those long, athletic matches whereas Punk was able to work and draw money with in shorter WWE pay-per-view style matches against the top workers that weren’t going to be doing dives and topes and things.”

However, there was one thing the legendary manager could commit to and that was that CM Punk was the bigger star:

“Just because he was on top when the WWE had twice as many viewers as they have today and AJ was still in TNA where they had twice as many viewers, five times as many viewers as they have today and still didn’t have half of WWEs.”

While CM Punk hasn’t competed inside the squared circle since the 2014 Royal Rumble Match, AJ Styles can be seen every Monday evening on Raw and will officially enter the 2021 Royal Rumble Match on January 31.

Credit for the interview: Jim Cornette Drive-Thru