There’s Currently “A Lot Of Chaos” In WWE

Vince McMahon

The 2023 WWE Draft appears to have created as many new questions as it’s delivered answers.

Despite previously being listed as being eligible to be drafted it was announced on night two that Brock Lesnar will remain a free agent, joining the likes of Elias, Omos, and Von Wagner.

Meanwhile, Bianca Belair was drafted to SmackDown on night one, despite being Raw Women’s Champion. On Raw, Rhea Ripley was drafted to the red brand while holding the SmackDown Women’s Championship. This has led to speculation that WWE will be holding another controversial ‘belt swap’ in the near future.

The last time a belt swap was used in 2021, it provided the backdrop for the real-life tension between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to explode onto WWE television.

Interestingly, after being drafted to SmackDown, Belair referred to herself as the “SmackDown Women’s Champion” in a video package, despite the title still being held by Ripley, who was later billed as such on Raw.

It has also been reported that a number of WWE Superstars — including some big names — had no idea that they would be moving brands until their name was called.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the mixed messages demonstrate that there’s a level of chaos behind the scenes with plans repeatedly changing.

“So it’s very clear that like again, people are being told different things that change all the time. It’s not like complete chaos, but there’s a lot of chaos,”

WWE Draft Night Two – Results

The second night of the Draft kicked off with Rhea Ripley being chosen by Raw, before Austin Theory headed to SmackDown with the United States Championship. On night one, Intercontinental Champion Gunther had been drafted to Raw.

Elsewhere in the first round, Seth Rollins was selected by Raw and Charlotte Flair will remain on SmackDown.

You can find the full run-down from night two here.

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