“There’s A Reason They’re Not Growing The Audience” – Kevin Nash On AEW’s TV Ratings

Kevin Nash

AEW has a problem, and Kevin Nash believes he has the answer.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash gave his thoughts on what he thinks is holding AEW back. The WWE Hall of Famer suggested that the promotion’s frequent use of blood and commitment to “spot fest” matches, means they’ll only ever appeal to their hardcore audience.

“I think that what you do … What you do when you allow that much blood and that much spot fest,” Nash began, “you paint yourself into a certain demographic that’s going to watch that program. They haven’t grown that audience. There’s a reason why they’re not growing the audience … while in the meantime, WWE is doing some really nice ratings.”

Nash’s comments come after blood was spilled and thumbtacks, a bed of nails, and much more was used during the Blood & Guts match between The Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club. On the night, Kenny Omega and The Elite emerged victorious as Jon Moxley bled heavily once again.

Has Kevin Nash Criticised AEW Before?

This isn’t the first time that Kevin Nash has claimed AEW is holding itself back. In May, the former World Champion said that AEW’s decision not to hold regular house shows is preventing its young talent from improving as quickly as they could.

Nash highlighted Jade Cargill in particular as someone who believes has simply stopped improving because they aren’t wrestling enough.

H/t to Wrestling Inc