“There Was So Much Blood” – Kurt Angle Reveals The Worst Botch He Has Ever Seen

Kurt Angle

At WrestleMania XX Eddie Guerrero retained his WWE Championship with a win over Kurt Angle but their rivalry was far from over.

While Angle was forced to step out of the ring due to his ongoing neck problems, he remained on television after being appointed SmackDown General Manager. In this new role, he continued to make Guerrero’s life difficult and booked the champion into a match at Judgment Day against JBL after the veteran had gotten involved in Guerrero’s match with Booker T.

The match is famous for Guerrero blading following a chair shot from JBL. This created one of the most bloody WWE bouts ever as Guerrero hit an artery while cutting himself. The match ended with JBL, Guerrero, and the ring all soaked in blood while there was genuine concern for Guerrero’s welfare.

Reflecting on the match on his podcast The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer said that worst cut he’d ever seen, describing it as “horrible.”

“It was the worst gimmick I had ever seen. The worst cut ever,” Angle recalled. “He hit an artery, and it would not stop bleeding. I mean, it was pulsating out, it was horrible. There was so much blood in the ring, and all over Eddie and Bradshaw — it was ridiculous. It was like half the blood from Eddie’s body came out of his body. It was crazy.”

JBL and Guerrero met again at The Great American Bash but this time Angle was able to ensure that Guerro lost the World Championship.

Kurt Angle Names Storyline Regrets

Speaking on a recent episode of the podcast, Kurt Angle opened up about his own career and the storyline that he still regrets. A year on from tormenting Guerrero, Angle was wrapped up in a storyline with Booker T and was depicted as being obsessed with his wife Sharmell. Angle said that he “didn’t want any part” of the storyline.

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