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“There Was No Original Plan” – Bruce Prichard On The Identity Of The ‘Higher Power’

Higher Power

Discussing the ‘Higher Power’ storyline that took place on WWE programming throughout the first half of 1999, Bruce Prichard has disclosed that, while in the end it was revealed to be Vince McMahon, there had been no overall plan for who the mysterious figure was going to be.

On the latest ‘Something To Wrestle‘ podcast, Prichard said that “there was no original plan” for the payoff of the months-long storyline which saw the Undertaker form the Ministry of Darkness and claim he was answering to an unseen character he referred to as a ‘Higher Power’. He noted that current AEW star Christopher Daniels was suggested for the role by Vince Russo, but that there was never really anybody decided on.

“There was no original plan, which is what f****d up the original plan. Russo wanted to bring in Christopher Daniels. I don’t think they ever really had anybody for ‘The Chosen One’.”

Christopher Daniels’ name has often been cited in connection with the ‘Higher Power’, and in a 2017 episode of Something To Wrestle, Bruce Prichard himself confirmed the ‘Fallen Angel’ had been one of the ideas for the character but said Vince McMahon was against it as he saw Daniels as being too small for the role.

“The original idea was ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels. And then Vince saw him and said, ‘absolutely not’. (He didn’t like Daniels’) size. (Vince) just didn’t see it.”

When asked about the possibility in a 2020 interview with Fightful, Daniels admitted that he would have been a bad choice to play someone superior to the Undertaker.

“If you had brought Christopher Daniels out and said, “Well, this person’s the superior of the Undertaker,” I think it would have been a real big disconnect. So, I feel like it makes sense that got shut down. You want a reveal of that nature to have sort of a powerful punch and to fill it with an unknown commodity, I think, would have been a bad choice.”

Ultimately, in a scene that became an iconic moment in the WWE’s Attitude Era, Vince McMahon unmasked himself as the ‘Higher Power’ on an episode of Raw, revealing that the entire plot was part of McMahon’s ongoing efforts to get at his nemesis, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.