There Is A “Lot Of Concern Among Talent” About WWE Cost Cutting

Triple H

There have yet to be significant talent cuts in WWE since Triple H took on the role of Chief Content Officer but some feel that this could be about to change.

On April 3rd, WWE announced that they had entered into an agreement with Endeavor which would see the company merge with UFC. Should the deal be successful, a new company will be formed which will run under the Endeavor umbrella.

When Endeavor purchased UFC back in 2016, the deal was followed by serious cuts as the company slashed costs. As a result, many predicted the same strategy will be employed with the sports entertainment giant.

These predictions appear to have been confirmed as Nick Khan stated in a recent interview that there will be cuts, although the intention is to leave “the product” untouched.

Despite his attempt to reassure the talent roster, it has been reported by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that there is significant concern backstage. This follows a similar report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider that noted there is a “slight bubbling paranoia” among some talents.

“Khan had previously talked about a minimum of $50 million per year in budget cuts, but emphasized that production and creative would not be affected. This has led to a lot of concern among talent, particularly those Paul Levesque brought back after Vince McMahon left.”

Former WWE Star Believes Talent Will Be Let Go

Speaking in a recent interview, John Morrison explained that he believes talents are right to be nervous. The former Intercontinental Champion said that he expects cuts to be made to the talent roster, commenting that the company will likely “let a bunch of people go.”

He added that he’s thankful for AEW, as it gives wrestlers another place to work outside of WWE.