Theory Found Out About Crazy WrestleMania Segment The Day Of The Show

Austin Theory

Theory has revealed he only found out about the full details of his WrestleMania 38 segment on the day of the show.

During an appearance on Ryan Satin on ‘Out Of Character’, Theory pulled back the curtain on the memorable Wrestlemania segment which saw him take on SmackDown commentator and former NFL star Pat McAfee.

After the match, the Wrestlemania crowd were treated to surprise appearances from Vince McMahon and his eternal nemesis, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Not only were the post match shenanigans a surprise to fans, Theory has revealed that he only found out about the angle in the hours before the show.

“Yeah, and even that moment of Stone Cold like you being shocked like that. Imagine like, you’re there, WrestleMania you know, you got everything together. You’re like, Okay, I got my match with Pat McAfee. And then okay, you kind of last minute find out Mr. McMahon’s going to be involved. Oh wow. Okay. And then literally the day of I’m in the coming out of the locker room and Stone Cold is standing there and his back is to me. And I’m just like, No way. Like, here we go. Here we go.

I like walk up to him. And I’m like, Hey, how’s it going? I’m Austin. I just want to introduce myself. And he’s like, Oh, very nice to meet you I’ll be seeing you later tonight. And I’m just like, staring at him and I’m just like, oh, that sounds good. Like, what? What? This is crazy man. I’m like, What are you talking about? Like, are we gonna party? What’s going on dude? And then I find out like yeah, you’re gonna, you’re gonna get stunned. And I was like, Ooh, all right, I got something for this. I’ve been holding something in for a long time.

So finally, at Evolve, I think was the first time I took a stunner and sold it really crazy and I realised like, oh, wow, like this. I could sell a Stunner pretty crazy. So I knew at WrestleMania I had to save it. I was like, This is gonna be it. And I’m not gonna tell anybody. I’m just gonna go out there and I’m gonna fly. And Stone Cold did his part and I was flying.”

Theory is currently locked in a feud with The Almighty Bobby Lashley, losing a pose down to the former WWE Champion on the June 13th edition of Monday Night RAW.

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